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Experience Transportation History!

Experience Transportation History!

Experience Transportation History!


Current Exhibit

Top Down Fun II

Top Down Fun II
May 2nd - July 29th

*Exhibits subject to change without notice.*


Big Boy Days 2024

SATURDAY, AUGUST 3, 2024 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM SUNDAY, AUGUST 4, 2024 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
ADMISSION PRICES: ADULTS (13+) $13.00 KIDS (3-12) $5.00

2024 Lecture Series


Museo De La Americas: "I have lived my life in two cultures. Both provided me with personal enrichment that helped me navigate a bi-cultural life. For me the world is so diverse that all voices can be heard and understood.”
Free with admission.

*Postponed* JUNE 15 @ 2 pm

June is the second documentary in the Left Behind series. Highlighting Betty Skelton - “The First Lady of Firsts” - who broke a 300+ mph mark at Bonneville and many other feats.
Free with admission.

July 20th @ 2 pm

Chris Lennon is a past winner and 7-time competitor in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, and author of The Peak of Racing. Join Chris for hair-raising, funny, and entertaining stories about this local treasure that is widely acknowledged as one of the top five motor races in the world. And it’s right in our backyard! In addition to his own experiences of competing in a traditional Porsche 911 RSR to his adventure in converting it to an 8-motor full electric monster, Chris interviewed many of motor racing’s greats in writing his book. Learn what legends like the Unsers, Mario Andretti, Rick Mears and more have to say about this race. If you already have a copy of The Peak of Racing (available at Peak of Racing, bring it along, and Chris will be happy to sign it. Or, he’ll have a few copies available at the talk.
Free with admission.

Aug 24th @ 2 pm

Moving The Big Boy
Richard Gill: The photographer that photographed the entire move of The Big Boy from REI to Brighton Blvd. is here to tell us whatthat was like! Come and see new photos and hear stories of the move.
Free with admission.

Sept 21st @ 2 pm

Christof Kheim
Christof Kheim is back! This time he’s talking about the thing he’s loved his whole adult life: Studebaker. No one knows more than this man about Studebaker cars and the company that made them.
Free with admission.

OCTOBER 19th @ 2 pm

Stephen Low
The Trolley: The electric streetcar,tram or trolley was a ride that changed everything. Across a century-and-a-half, trolleys carried billions of people to work and play and home again;they helped relieve cities of mountains of horse manure and choking air pollution, and they connected neighborhoods and enabled movementin dense urban corridors. Gifted with extreme efficiency and an egalitarian outlook, the device helped revitalize and re-build the urban landscape. The Trolley that Saves the World follows this unique and evolving machine:from its perfection atthe hands of a 19th century inventor and its explosive global adoption,to its engagementin two world wars;from its devastating collision with the automobile age to its 21st century renaissance as a vital engine in the war against climate change.
Free with admission.

NOVEMBER 16th @ 2 pm

ELECTRIC CAR DETAILS IS IT WORTH IT? David Fisher is the Executive Director of The Transportation & Supply Chain Institute. The TSCI represents the bond between industry and higher education. Since it's founding 25 years ago, the Institute has delivered extraordinary value to society as a thought center for transportation and supply chain advancement. The pedigree ofthe University of Denver matched with the professionalism ofthe Institute seeks to raise the bar and assure the advancement ofthe industry. The Institute has manifested leadership that ensures the growth, efficiency, and effectiveness of end to end supply chain logistics and its critical role in global stability.
Free with admission.

December brings events and special events to the Forney prohibiting us from holding our Saturday Afternoon schedule, Check the webpage to get involved in any ofthese events.

Past Events

Cinco de Mayo

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Cinco de Mayo 2024

The Cinco de Mayo event promises an exciting blend of cultural celebration and automotive appreciation, making it a unique experience for attendees of all ages. As the day dedicated to commemorating the Mexican Army's victory over the French Empire at the Battle of Puebla in 1862, Cinco de Mayo has evolved into a widespread celebration of Mexican culture and heritage, especially in the United States. This year, the addition of an impromptu car show adds an extra layer of thrill to the festivities.

Attendees can expect to see an impressive array of vehicles on display, ranging from classic cars that have been lovingly restored to the latest models boasting the newest technology. The car show provides a fantastic opportunity for automotive enthusiasts to come together, share their passion, and exchange knowledge about car restoration, customization, and performance.

It's not just about admiring the cars from a distance; many owners enjoy discussing their vehicles' histories and the work they've put into them, making it a great learning experience for everyone. Beyond the car show, the event will cater to a wide range of interests with various activities.

Traditional Mexican music and dance performances are likely to add to the festive atmosphere, alongside delicious Mexican cuisine o ering everything from tacos and enchiladas to churros and margaritas. For families, there may be activities specifically designed for children, such as face painting, games, and crafts, ensuring that the event is enjoyable for attendees of all ages. Whether you're a car enthusiast, a lover of Mexican culture, or simply looking for a fun way to spend the day, the Cinco de Mayo event with its impromptu car show is set to be a memorable celebration

Holiday Afternoon Tea

December 11th and December 18th

Celebrate the holidays with a proper British Afternoon Tea in a unique setting among a plethora of vintage transportation & holiday decor!


SATURDAY, DECEMBER 10, 2022 AT 6:00 PM – 11:45 PM
Celebrate the holidays by stepping back in time 1940s & 1950s style by dressing up in your best dapper duds!!! Enjoy Big Band, Dancing, Classic Cars, Historic Trains, Fashioned Trolleys, Retro Firetrucks, Local Vendors, Vintage Fashion Show, and maybe tour a special, and meticulously renovated, turn of the century, box car!
Music provided by: Bianca and the Flyboys

    Highlights of the night are vintage:
  1. FREE Swing Dance Class (6:30pm)
  2. Vendors
  3. Cars and Motorcycles
  4. Airplanes
  5. Locomotives
  6. Trolleys
  7. Music
  8. Dancing

ALSO TAKE A VINTAGE TRAIN CAR TOUR! Enjoy the chance to take a tour of an expertly renovated, luxurious passenger train car rarely open to the public. (Reserve your slot soon. Times are limited and group size is small. Additional $7 for tours)

December 4th: 1PM- Discussion on how Coloradans celebrate Christmas with Mary O'Neil.

“Colorado Christmas" How Coloradans celebrate Christmas. Free with paid admission.

Saturday, October 29th from 11 am to 3 pm- GES Halloween Trick or Treat

Come and join us for a day full of fun with sweets and frights! Bring your costume!

Spooky Vintage Party: Happy Hallo'Swing

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 27, 2022 AT 6 PM – 10 PM
A haunting good time awaits in this spooky, vintage museum. If you dare, walk amongst the artifacts and seek out their ghosts stories. Have a favorite costume? Please wear it!! OR come dressed up in your favorite vintage, retro, dapper, or mod attire! ALL AGES WELCOME!
Music provided by: Bianca and the Flyboys

    Highlights of the night are vintage:
  1. FREE Swing Dance Class (6:30pm)
  2. Vendors
  3. Cars and Motorcycles
  4. Airplanes
  5. Locomotives
  6. Trolleys
  7. Music
  8. Dancing

ALSO TAKE A VINTAGE TRAIN CAR TOUR! Enjoy the chance to take a tour of an expertly renovated, luxurious passenger train car rarely open to the public. (Reserve your slot soon. Times are limited and group size is small. Additional $7 for tours) You'll have a ghoulishly good time! .

Saturday, October 22nd from 12 pm to 4 pm- Trunk or Treat

Our annual Trunk or Treat sponsored by the Pharoahs car club will be at the Forney Museum!

Saturday, October 15th at 1pm- Professor J. Bradford Bowers: “Bound by Steel and Stone: The Colorado-Kansas Railway and The Frontier of Enterprise in Colorado.”

Coming Saturday, October 15th at 1pm, The Forney Museum welcomes Professor J. Bradford Bowers for an interesting presentation of his book: Bound by Steel and Stone: The Colorado-Kansas Railway and The Frontier of Enterprise in Colorado. The presentation is included with the price of admission. So come join us October 15th and learn about the history of our railroads and how they shaped this country.

September 4th @ 2pm- David Forsyth: “Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park from the White City Beautiful to a Century of Fun!”

Sunday, September 4th at 2 pm, the Forney Museum of Transportation is hosting David Forsyth Author of the book Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park: From the White City Beautiful to a Century of Fun. He’s giving a presentation on how Lakeside has become as much of a part of this city, as city hall. The presentation is included in the price of admission.

August 14th @ 1pm- Andy Goetz: “Denver's Urban Planning for the Automobile”

Andy Goetz, Faculty at the University of Denver, will be presenting on Urban Planning for the Automobile. While horse drawn carriages were still utilizing the roadways, city planners had to work to accommodate the growing use of motorized automobiles. Learn about the logistics involved in early city planning for the automobile in this fascinating presentation! Included with general admission.

June 11th at 1pm- Phil Goodstein "Moving with Forney: From Streetcars to RiNo."

Phil Goodstein is a Denver native, and has been giving history tours since 1986. He has written more than 30 books about the city’s past, and entertains visitors as he presents a unique view of Colorado’s history. Moving with Forney: From Streetcars to RiNo. The Forney Museum story is part and parcel of Denver transportation developments. It is also closely linked with Confluence Park, the 1965 Platte flood, real estate development, and the ever-changing character of the heart of Denver. The talk will focus on the rise of streetcars in Denver to their demise to the amazing career of J.D. Forney and developments into the 21st century.

April 23rd- GP30 #3006 60th Anniversary Celebration

Come celebrate with us as our #3006 GP30 turns 60 at the Forney Museum! At 1 pm: Documentarian & film maker Rich Luckin will present his new video on the history of locomotive builder EMD. Check back here for more announcements.

April 23rd- 7 pm Locomotives & Libations

Special Guest: Ed Dickens, Senior Manager-Union Pacific Heritage Operations will tell a few stories about his career with the Rio Grande and Union Pacific.

May 7th- Cinco de Mayo Celebration

Join us to celebrate Mexican culture and the history of Cinco de Mayo.
Sandra Ruiz Parrilla and the EGS and Partners group are bringing together historical and cultural performers, artists, and local business owners to create an amazing free community event.

April 16th at 1pm - Randi Samuelson-Brown "Untold Stories of the Wild West"

Randi Samuelson-Brown "Untold Stories of the Wild West" was a finalist in 2021 for the Colorado Book Awards-History. Join us as she regales us with tales from Colorado’s early days. Untold Stories of the Wild West- The Bad Old Days of Colorado celebrates the Centennial State’s glorious and rowdy past. Many people born and bred here relish just how “bad” things used to be: the terrain, the inhabitants, and especially the quality of whiskey. While fearless lawmen, industrious entrepreneurs, and resilient miners and ranchers were the backbone of society, its underbelly teemed with gambling “hells”, seedy brothels, and shady characters who rarely did an honest day’s work. Read about some of Colorado’s most scandalous episodes and nefarious ne'er-do-wells, such as.

Molly Brown House Presents "Sinking of the Titanic"

March 19th at 1pm - Molly Brown House Presents "Sinking of the Titanic"
Presented by Molly Brown House’s Speaker Bureau-
It was a night to remember, and a night that no one who survived would ever forget. In this presentation, learn about how the Titanic sank in the early morning of April 15, 1912.

SCFD Free Day- Celebrate Black History Month

Saturday, February 26th, 10am-5pm

The month of February is Black History Month! Visit the Forney Museum for a free day dedicated to learning. Visitors will be able to explore the history and impact of pioneers and hidden figures in transportation and get to learn of Denver's rich African American history.
Do you know about Denver's oldest neighborhood? Join Terri Gentry, Volunteer Docent of the Black American West Museum, for a presentation on the Five Points-Whittier neighborhoods. Presentation at 1pm in the Forney Meeting Room.

Elizabeth Nosek-"Stories from the National Western Stock Show"

January 14th at 7pm

Elizabeth Nosek, the current Curator of Education & Exhibits at The Colorado Railroad Museum Denver, will present her lecture “Stories from the National Western Stock Show.” Stories from the National Western Stock Show- Every year since 1906 people have come from all over the United States to see the National Western Stock Show in Denver. Drovers brought stock by rail, well heeled ladies brought carriages, saddles and horses to compete at the horse show and audiences came to see the cattle, pigs, horses, chickens and even lamas representing the best in the west. Hear some of the fun and unique stories that make this event so special.

Studio 54 Soiree: The Happenings NYE 2022 Silent Disco

Bring in the new year in the style of NYC's iconic underground theatre movement. "The Happenings" of the 1960's and 1970's took dance parties to the streets and subways so this year The Forney Museum of Transportation will host the first annual NYE Extravaganza in a Studio 54 themed soiree to celebrate an immersive art and STEM experience as we know it now.

#ArtIsEverywhere installations and interactive experiences fill the space as guests dance to the tunes of three different DJs playing three different genres. Pick your channel with your crew based on red, green, and blue LED colors on the headphones.

Experience "The Happenings" all throughout the night and around the museum space with a modernized twist on an historical period that changed the world. The Forney Museum of Transportation supports entertainers, artists and innovators in STEM. Proceeds from ticket sales go to interactive museum programming. Come back any time during the month of January to see and photograph art collectively co-created during the event.

British Afternoon Tea

Join us on December 19th at 1pm for a wonderful British afternoon tea at the Forney. The museum will be beautifully decorated for the holidays and you will be nestled amongst the exhibits and holiday decorations while you enjoy a selection of teas, finger sandwiches, decadent sweets and of course fresh scones with cream and preserves.
Admission to the museum is included.

Holiday Crafts

Every Friday and Saturday in December from 1pm to 4pm!
Bring your family and craft personalized holiday ornaments.
One ornament included with admission. We will be closed December 24th and 25th.

Gail Beaton's, Rosie the Riveter

Saturday, November 13th 2pm - 3pm
Join us as Colorado Women's Historian Gail Beaton lectures as a local Rosie the Riveter. She developed her own character story as Gail Murphy, a bullet case worker at the Denver Ordnance Plant. The lecture is 45 minutes of stories and props, followed by a Q and A session.

Triumphs: Exhibit Reception

Friday, November 5th 5:30pm - 8pm
Join the Forney Museum for an opening reception to celebrate the history of Triumph automobiles. Meet the vehicle owners who have made this exhibit possible and learn about the history of Triumphs. The vehicles exhibited have come from all over the U.S. and include rarities such as the 1936 Triumph Gloria Southern Cross, and much more.
Tickets include food and beverage. Must have valid identification to be served alcoholic beverages.

Trunk or Treat!

Join us on October 31st from 12 pm to 5 pm!

Trick or Treat with us! We will have cars and other activities for your enjoyment. There will be a costume contest and a giveaway!
Sponsored by: Pharaoh's Car Club
We all hope to see you there!!!

Ghost Hunting at the Forney Museum

Join us on October 29th for the hunt! On 3 sessions available. Early bird tickets are limited.

Have your heard? We have detected supernatural activity at the Museum! Join the Denver Ghost Hunters and the Forney Museum on October 29th for the hunt!
3 sessions available. Early bird tickets are limited. Save $10 and buy them today!
Ghost Hunts include a 30 minute presentation on ghost stories, evidence, and safety and ground rules.
Individuals can bring their own tools and cameras, Denver Ghost Hunters will have limited equipment people can borrow. Everyone should bring their phone!! Come explore the supernatural at the Forney Museum!

Electric Car Show

For National Drive Electric Week, come to the Forney Museum's parking lot for an Electric Car Show! We will have an awesome collection of electric vehicles to learn about, such as Tesla, BMW, Chevy, Porsche, and more! Come learn about EVs! Access to the car show is free! Check out more details about National Drive Week
Visitor parking is limited, so be sure to plan accordingly.

Women in Transportation Series

The Women in Transportation Series consists of engaging conversations with women working in transportation related fields, and presentations on the lives of women in transportation history. Join Forney Educator, Stevi Hatcher, M.A., for a virtual presentation about the life of Aloha Wanderwell, the first woman to drive around the world in a Ford Model T.

Forney Museum Model Workshop

September 11th 11am-2pm 2021
Join Forney Volunteer, Kris Bitner, for this model car workshop. The Workshop is included with general admission and suitable for kids ages 8-13. Each kid will receive a model kit and learn how to build their model car, and take it home with them! This is a walk-in event and does not require registration.

Join the Walk!

Join the Valdez-Perry Branch Library, Walk 2 Connect, and the Forney for a personalized tour of the collection! The Walk in August will focus on industry vehicles such as vintage fire trucks, school buses and trolleys!
August 21st at 9am

Rail Fair at the Colorado Railroad Museum

August 14th 10am-3pm
Explore activities related to Colorado Industry and the impact of the railroad. There will be themes of agriculture, transportation and mining! Train rides will run from 10am to 3pm and the Forney will have a table in the pavilion with our 1880s Prairie Wagon. Be sure to check the Colorado Railroad Museum's website for details and ticket info here: Colorado Railroad Museum

Where Baseball Hits the Tracks

"Where Baseball Hits the Tracks" is an educational discussion on how railroads helped the expansion of our Great American Pastime, Baseball. Where Baseball Hits the Tracks is a collaboration between the Forney Museum of Transportation and the National Ballpark Museum.

The event is going to take place on March 7th 2021 at 10 am. The tickets will be 20.00 per person, and we will have a max capacity of 25 people. This will be a special in-person event.

Lead Sled Exhibit Preview

Join us for the opening preview of the exhibit on Saturday, February 1st, from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Forney Museum of Transportation. Complimentary food and beverages will be provided early in the evening by Nova Catering (alcoholic beverages available to those with valid ID). Tickets are only $18 and can be purchased via Facebook; our website; or in person at the door. Forney Museum members get in free. Hope to see you all there!

Opening Exhibit Preview

Hosted by the Forney Museum of Transportation & Ax And Allies

Make it a formal affair! Don’t miss your chance to see the new Jaguar exhibit at the Forney Museum which will feature rare models such as the SS-100, C-Type, and D-types.

Be the first to view the Jaguars while mingling with Forney staff and Jaguar aficionados.
There will be snacks, refreshments, and complementary wine (available to those with valid ID) included with your ticket to the event.

Hope to see you all there!

6 pm to 9 pm on Friday, November 1st

Denver Arts Week; Night at the Museum

Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade

Photo provided by Patrick Hladky

Denver St. Patrick's Day Parade

St Jude's Hospital 5th Annual Benefit Car Show

Colorado Collectibles

Luster - Realism and Hyper realism in Automobile and Motorcycle Painting

Sangre de Cristo Arts Center "Luster - Realism and Hyper realism in Automobile and Motorcycle Painting” with the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado.

An Evening with Craig Johnson, Book Talk & Signing

An Evening with Craig Johnson, Book Talk & Signing on his new book "Land of Wolves".

Salute to Seniors

Denver Arts Week; Night at the Museums

Big Boy Days

State of the City 2013

Fall Fest

Lowrider Exhibit

Saturday Afternoon Car Klub Car Clinic

Please note: We do not allow bags into our exhibit space.
That includes: Purses, Backpacks, Diaper bags, etc.
We offer free lockers for your convenience.
Please Note: Our campus is a smoking, drug, & weapon free zone. Thank you.